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    No 'Us' in Progressive

    In 1986, when I was born, conservatism was at a high watermark, and the ocean just kept on rising. Everything that wasn’t the free market and muscular militarism was abhorrent. The filthiest thing you could call someone was a liberal. More.
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    Not My America

    I don’t need to ask what happened. There’s plenty of that on the way, plenty of hair-tearing, plenty of finger-pointing, plenty of doomsaying. This is America after all, and, as we’ve just seen, there’s nothing America likes more than a very deep and very dark howl. More.
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    Ezekiel 44:2

    Saturday, 9:51 PM, Cairo Airport. You and a pair of Norwegians—Swedes? Danes? The bad guys from Lethal Weapon 2?—are very, very lost. More.